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Wyoming Court Records

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What are Wyoming Juvenile Court Records?

Wyoming juvenile court records are official documents containing information pertaining to the judicial proceedings of a juvenile court. Juvenile court processes in Wyoming are threefold:

  • A child needing protection from neglect or abuse
  • A child charged with delinquency
  • A child in need of supervision

Title 14 of Wyoming Statutes controls the Juvenile Court system in the state. The age jurisdiction of juvenile courts in Wyoming is below the age of 18 years. The structure of the juvenile court system is such as to foster rehabilitation in troubled youths, rather than issue penalties for their wrongdoing.

What Information Is Contained In A Wyoming Juvenile Record?

The type of juvenile case it is will determine the characteristic contents of the record. Apart from the basic identifying features of a record (names, case file ID, addresses of litigants and their guardians or representatives, the date of filing, county of filing, age of juvenile, ethnicity, brief details about physical appearance), each case has its own unique components that define what a juvenile record will contain. For juvenile cases of neglect and abuse of a child, protection orders, court-ordered evaluations and assessments, case plan, etc are the common contents of a juvenile case. A juvenile record for a Child In Need of Supervision (CHIN) contains the aforementioned besides reports of truancy, custody placement plans, educational record, notices of arrest with or without warrant, etc. A delinquent juvenile court record should contain all the above and much more such as.

  • List of charges against the juvenile
  • Fingerprint submissions
  • DNA samples (where applicable)
  • Record of previous arrests or convictions
  • Juvenile Court adjudication
  • Probation officer notes
  • Restitutions, fines and fee assessments

What Cases Are Heard In Wyoming Juvenile Court?

Some of the Cases heard in Wyoming Juvenile Courts are:

  • Custody arrangements for abused children
  • Termination of parental rights
  • Emancipation
  • Truancy
  • Out-of-control behaviour
  • Running away from home
  • Self-destructive habits
  • Delinquent acts

Who is Eligible to View Juvenile Court Records in Wyoming?

According to Wyoming statutes subsection 40–6–203, all records containing evidence of a juvenile misconduct are private and not available for public access. This includes court records and law enforcement agency records Only the following persons may see and make copies of a juvenile record in Wyoming:

  • The party listed in a record, that is, the child
  • Legal guardians and parents
  • Authorized court personnel
  • Prosecuting counsel
  • Probation officers
  • Authorized administrative staff or member of the board of trustees of the juvenile’s school
  • Delegates of the Victim Services Division, either from the Office of the Attorney General of the state or Department of Family Services
  • Victims of the crime incident, if any

The media and other members of the public can view or copy these records if there is a need to protect the community or the requester can show a legitimate interest. However, access is only by court order according to Wyoming’s statutes.

Unlawful sharing of juvenile information is a misdemeanor offense in Wyoming that can attract a penalty fine of up to $500. It could also lead to barred access to further information.

How To Find Juvenile Records In Wyoming

  • Juvenile records in Wyoming available at the office of the primary custodial agency. Therefore, identify the agency that generated the record. Visit the Juvenile Court to get access to the relevant court record. Law enforcement agencies at the local and state level can also provide information but upon a court order. Get the following information ready to make a request:
  • The unique identifying number of the case
  • Full names of the involved juvenile
  • The year and county of filing
  • Type of case, that is, child protection case, delinquency, or (CHIN)

Be aware that viewing or copying juvenile records is not an automatic process, especially if the requester does not belong in the default eligibility list. Request for a court order granting access and submit it along with the request to the custodian agency. Provide also a valid photo ID.

Records that are considered public may be accessible from some third-party websites. These websites often make searching simpler, as they are not limited by geographic location, and search engines on these sites may help when starting a search for a specific or multiple record. To begin using such a search engine on a third-party or government website, interested parties usually must provide:

  • The name of the person involved in the record, unless said person is a juvenile
  • The location or assumed location of the record or person involved. This includes information such as the city, county, or state that person resides in or was accused in.

Third-party sites are independent from government sources, and are not sponsored by these government agencies. Because of this, record availability on third-party sites may vary.

Can you View Wyoming Juvenile Records online?

No. Juvenile records in Wyoming are under strict laws of confidentiality. For this reason, they are not available online. All requests made by email, phone or facsimile will still be redirected to the local courthouse that filed the case or the agency maintaining the records.

Can You Look Up Wyoming Juvenile Records in a Background Check?

Yes. Criminal History Information Checks in Wyoming will show arrest records of juveniles until the age of 18 years. At the age of maturity, these records undergo expungement either automatically or at the petition request of the party listed. If the juvenile bears a conviction for a misdemeanor or a felony, they will also show up in a background check. However, background checks in Wyoming are not possible without the consent of the holder of the record. Fingerprint searches are only possible if the individual consents to submitting a fingerprint for background checks. To put it differently, an employee can decide not to consent to a criminal history information check. Some government agencies however have executive access to these records.

How Long Are Juvenile Records Kept In Wyoming?

Wyoming state statutes subsection 14–6–241 and subsection subsection 14–6–440 convey clearly the possibility of expunging a juvenile record when the holder turns 18 years. Expungement is automatic if the juvenile had fulfilled all obligations and completed all sentences. The court upon the recommendations of the Attorney General must be able to find evidence of rehabilitation before granting an auto expungement. In an expungement process, all copies of documents and associated files in other agencies get removed. Although not physically deleted or destroyed, the records will no longer show up during a criminal background check or at any inquiry. The involved juvenile also has the legal right to claim innocence of such a criminal history. At the point of expungement, there must be no pending proceeding or investigation against the individual. The following offenses do not qualify for expungement:

Violent felonies such as murders, arson of first and second-degrees, aggravated assault, sexual assault of any kind, violence against children, and any other that translates to a crime or felony in an adult court of law.

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